Glen Haven Mailing List

Please join our email list using the link below:

The email list does validate your email address by sending an email to which you need to reply to in PLAIN TEXT not HTML Formatted email please. Your email program has a setting that will make the email plain text. Please look for the message and follow the instructions. The address verification step is necessary to keep our list from being spammed. If you need help getting on or of the list please email Lee Lasson.

See you on the list --- on-line!

Frequently Asked Questions (the FAQ)

Q. How much does this service cost?

A. Nothing. It is a free mailing list open to all who subscribe. The list is sponsored by Lee Lasson's Estes Park On-Line

Q. How do I organize my inbox with all the emails from the list?

A. First, we should be so lucky as to have too many posts in a day that will tax your inbox. It is more likely that you'll need to sort the mailing list out of your other inbox clutter. I suggest that you In my version of Outlook, I Right-Click on the message and select 'Create Rule' and follow the prompts. The idea is if it is sent to the address then it is moved into the Folder called 'Glen Haven'.

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